Gig Dates

Dec 28th, 2019——Redhawk Grille – Concord, OH—-8:30pm

Jan 17th, 2020——Hooley House – Mentor —–8:30pm

Feb 1st, 2020——Stadium Grill – Mentor—–8:00pm

Feb 15th, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

Mar 7th, 2020——Redhawk Grille – Concord, OH—-8:30pm

Mar 14th, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

May 1st, 2020——Hooley House – Mentor —–8:30pm

May 23rd, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

Jul 18th, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

Aug 29th, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

Oct 24th, 2020——Stadium Grill – Mentor—–8:00pm

Nov 7th, 2020——Redhawk Grille – Concord, OH—-8:30pm

Mov 14th, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

Dec 5th, 2020——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:30pm

Dec 12th, 2020——Hooley House – Mentor —–8:30pm

Past Gig Dates

Nov 9th, 2019——Willowick Restaurant & Lounge ——8:30pm

Oct 19th, 2019——Willoughby Brewing Company ——9:00pm

Aug 24th, 2019——Mugg Shotz – Wickliffe—–9:00pm

Aug 16th, 2019——Willoughby Brewing Company —–8:00pm

Aug 11th, 2019——Ss. Robert & William Summer Festival —— 5:00pm

Jul 27th, 2019——Cebars Euclid Tavern —–9pm

Jul 21th, 2019——Immaculate Conception – Oktoberfest in July—–3:00pm

July 20th, 2019——Jackies Sports Bar – Painesville—–8:00pm

June 8th, 2019——Willowick Restaurant & Lounge ——9:00pm

May 25th, 2019——Stadium Grill – Mentor—–7:00pm

May 18th, 2019——DT Willoughby Rib Burn Off – —–3:00pm

May 18th, 2019——Jeanne’s Joynt – Eastlake—–8:00pm

May 4th, 2019——Private Party at Atwood Lake ——7:30pm

April 27th, 2019——Willowick Restaurant & Lounge ——8:30pm

Mar 23rd, 2019——Sullivan’s Tavern – Wickliffe—–8:30pm

Feb 16th, 2019——Cebars Euclid Tavern —–9pm

Feb 9, 2019——Roadhouse of Willoughby – —–8pm

Jan 19th, 2019——Redhawk Grille – Concord, OH—–8:30pm

Dec 8th, 2018——Sullivan’s Tavern – Wickliffe—–8pm

Oct 27th, 2018——Cebars Euclid Tavern —–9pm

Oct 6th, 2018——Roadhouse of Willoughby—–8pm

Sept 22rd, 2018——Pristava Clam Jam —–TBD

Sept 16th, 2018—— Lions Club, Sight & Hearing Benefit——1pm

Sept 8th, 2018—— Perch & Pilsner Festival——2:30pm

Aug 4th, 2018——Hooley House – Mentor —–8:30pm

Aug 12th, 2018—— Ss. Robert & William Festival——5pm

Aug 22nd, 2018——Cleveland Convention Center (Privite Party)—–6-8pm

July 14th, 2018——Broadview Hts. Home Days——6pm

July 15th, 2018——USMC Toys 4 Tots Fundraiser at Pickle Bills in Grand River—–3pm

July 22nd, 2018——Cleveland Convention Center (Privite Party)—–4pm

July 28th, 2018——Cebars Euclid Tavern —–9pm

May 19th, 2018—— Willoughby Rib Burn Off——3pm

April 28th, 2018——Dak’s Bar in Wickliffe —–9pm

April 7th, 2018——Cebars Euclid Tavern —–9pm

March 10th, 2018——Garage Bar Willoughby——8PM

March 3rd, 2018——Glory Daze Bar and Grille – Wickliffe——8PM

January 20th, 2018 ——–At Witz End——-9PM

December 30th, 2017——Cebars Euclid —–9PM

November 25th, 2017——Cebars Euclid —–9PM

January 31 , 2015—–Cebars Euclid —9PM

February 28 , 2015—HQ (Formerly Coach’s)—–9:30PM

April 4 , 2015——Cebars Euclid —-9PM

June 19 , 2015—–Cebars Euclid —-9PM

July 11 , 2015——Pristava Steak Roast —-7PM

Aug 16 , 2015——Sts Robert &William Festival—–5PM

February 5, 2010—-Cebars Euclid—-9:30PM

February 13, 2010—–Thirsty Camel—-9:30PM

February 26, 2010—-Coach’s Neighborhood Tavern——9:30PM

March 13 , 2010—— Cebars Euclid——9:30PM

April 3, 2010———-Scorchers Eastlake—–9:30PM

June 11, 2010——Cebars Euclid——–9:30PM

June 18, 2010——Brooklyn Relay For Life—–7PM-?

July 17, 2010——-Fairview Tavern—-9:30PM

August 14, 2010—–Beachclub Bistro—–8PM

September 17, 2010——Beachclub Bistro—–8PM

October 9, 2010——–Paradise Lounge ——-8:30PM

October 15, 2010——-Cebars Euclid———–9:30PM

October 29, 2010——Beachclub Bistro——–7:30PM

November 13, 2010—–G-Wiz (Willoughby)—-9:00PM

November 19, 2010—–Cebars Euclid—–9:30PM

January 8 , 2011———Brookview Tavern ——8PM

January 15 , 2011————–Paradise Lounge ————–9PM

January 8 , 2011——————-Brookview Tavern ————————8PM

January 15 , 2011———————Paradise Lounge ———————-9PM

January 22, 2011 —————Beachclub Grille (Concord) —————–8PM

February 19, 2011—————Beachclub Grille (Concord)—————–8PM

March 5, 2011——————Beachclub Grille (Concord)——————8PM

March 12, 2011———————–Paradise Lounge ————————9PM

May 13, 2011———————-Euclid Relay For Life ————————7:30PM

May 27, 2011——————-Beachclub Bistro (Euclid)——————-7:30PM

June 18, 2011————————Paradise Lounge ————————–9PM

June 24, 2011——————–Brooklyn Relay For Life——————-7:30PM

June 25, 2011————————-Cebars Euclid————————9:30PM

July 30 , 2011———————–Private Benefit ————————-6PM

July 16 , 2011——————–Beachclub Grille (Concord)——————8PM

July 30 , 2011———————–Private Wedding ————————-8PM

August 13, 2011————————Paradise Lounge ————————–9PM

August 20 , 2011—————-St. Robert & St William Festival —————-8PM

August 27, 2011————————-Cebars Euclid ————————9:30PM

Sept 24, 2011————————Pristava Clam Bake—————————9PM

Oct 14, 2011——————–CF Foundation Wine Opener———————–7PM

December 3, 2011————————-Cebars Euclid ————————9:30PM

January 28, 2012————————–Cebars Euclid ————————9:30PM

February 18, 2012——————- ——–Private Party ————————9PM

April 28, 2012——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9:30PM

June 16, 2012—————— ———Private Wedding ————————9PM

June 30, 2012———————– —Peppermill Pub & Grill ————————9PM

Ausust 11, 2012————————-Brookview Tavern ————————9PM

Ausust 26, 2012————————-St. Robert & William Festival ————————5PM

September 15, 2012————————-Brookview Tavern ————————9PM

September 29, 2012————————-Pristava Jam —————————–TBA

October 6, 2012——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9:30PM

October 13, 2012————————-Peppermill Pub & Grill ————————9PM

October 19, 2012——————–CF Foundation Wine Opener———————–7PM

October 27, 2012————————-Paradise Island Saloon ————————9PM

December 1, 2012——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9:30PM

January 26, 2013——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

February 23 , 2013———————–Paradise Island Saloon——————–9:30PM

March 23, 2013——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

April 6 , 2013——————————Private Party ————————9:30PM

May 18 , 2013———————–Paradise Island Saloon——————–9:30PM

June 8, 2013——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

July 6, 2013——————————Pristava Steak Roast ————————?PM

July 13 , 2013———————–Paradise Island Saloon——————–9:30PM

August 18, 2013———————–Sts Robert & William Festival ———————-5PM

August 31, 2013——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

September 21, 2013——————————Pristava Clam Jam————————?PM

September 28 , 2013——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

October 11, 2013———————–CF Wine Opener ——————–7:30PM

October 19 , 2013———————–Paradise Island Saloon——————–9:30PM

February 1, 2014——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

March 8, 2014——————-Coach’s Neighborhood Tavern——————9:30PM

March 15, 2014——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

May 17 , 2014———————–Coach’s Neighborhood Tavern——————–9:30PM

June 28 , 2014——————————Relay For Life ————————2PM

July 5, 2014——————————Pristava Steak Roast ————————7PM

July 19, 2014——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

July 26, 2014——————————Private Event ————————8PM

August 17, 2014——————————Sts Robert William Festival ————————5PM

September 6, 2014——————————Cebars Euclid ————————9PM

September 20, 2014——————————Pristava Clam Jam————————?PM

October 18, 2014—————————Cebars Euclid —————————9:30PM

December 20, 2014———————–HQ (Formerly Coach’s)——————–9:30PM

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